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Components Of An Educational Philosophy - 1038 Words

A person’s philosophy is defined as, â€Å"A theory or attitude held by a person that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.† If a person’s philosophy shapes his or her actions, then it is vital for any professional to have a good philosophy in their profession, so their actions follow suit. Therefore, it is important for an educator to have a solid philosophy of education so that his or her teaching is effective and right before God. Six important components of an educational philosophy are metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, the nature of the learner, the school, and the teacher. However, the foundation that holds up all six of these philosophical components in a strong christian educational philosophy is God. In philosophy, metaphysics is the study of what is beyond the physical realm. It questions being, knowing, causation, identity, etc. Genesis 1:2 tells us that, â€Å"The earth was formless and empty and darkness covered the deep waters. And th e spirit of God was hovering over the waters† (New Living Translation). Before there was anything, there was God. God is what is beyond the physical and he is the very essence of being. God describes himself to Moses by saying, â€Å"I am who I am† in Exodus 3:14. Again, God is expressing himself here as the greatest form of being. Nothing was, is, or will be in existence unless God is first. All of creation and human kind lives and breathes between those two words, â€Å"I am.† When it comes to metaphysics, God is the ultimateShow MoreRelatedEducators Struggle with Philosophy1075 Words   |  4 Pageswe all struggle with philosophy and where to go from there once we decide what our set of beliefs are. Once we put our philosophy in place, we then struggle with changing our philosophy. I believe that philosophies can be always changing any given situation and in order for growth as an educator we have to be aware to the situations that can change our phil osophy, as well as being true to our core beliefs. However, in order for this to happen we must understand what philosophy is, and what it is notRead MorePhilosophy And Its Potential Effects On Decision Making1263 Words   |  6 PagesPhilosophy of education influences and largely determines, individual’s educational decisions. (Ornstein, Edwards Stacey, 2015) State and local policymakers, researchers, teachers, and administrators confront a variety of conflicting philosophies and prescriptions in the debate over school curriculum, structure and reform. (Elmore, 1990) Ultimately, choices related to school structure, culture and curriculum are influenced by the philosophy (lens) in which decision-making personnel use to viewRead MoreEssay on My Philosophy of Education1206 Words   |  5 Pageswe all struggle with philosophy and where to go from there once we decide what our set of beliefs are. Once we put our philosophy in place, we then struggle with changing our philosop hy. I believe that philosophies can be always changing any given situation and in order for growth as an educator we have to be aware of the situations that can change our philosophy, as well as being true to our core beliefs. However, in order for this to happen we must understand what philosophy is, and what it is notRead MoreMy Philosophy And Philosophy Of Personal Educational Philosophy1042 Words   |  5 PagesIt is true that many educators do not know what their educational philosophy is. However it is imperative for educators and future educators to know their personal educational philosophies so that they can be accountable, explain how they teach, what they are doing and why. My personal Educational philosophy is made up of four components; metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, and logic. My educational Philosophy Metaphysics (reality) is a combination of realism and idealism, that the mind, spiritRead MoreRunning Head Essay1287 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Running head: PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY 1 Personal Philosophy of Nursing Darlene Cunningham Jacksonville University School of Nursing January 31, 2015 PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY 2 Personal Philosophy of Nursing A Philosophy of Nursing is an approach to nursing, usually createdRead MoreThe Perkins Act1710 Words   |  7 Pagesbetween community college and industries to enhance better employability of the students in the workforce. QUESTION #2: (2 points). With your understanding of the Carl D. Perkins Act of 2006, consider the components that pertain to you and your subject/industry. Identify those components and expand on the direct relationship they have to your current or future classroom. What would you change or add, if you had the chance? What would you delete? Learning the historical and present legislationRead MoreThe s Views On Constructivism1347 Words   |  6 Pages This type of model has been tested but has not been successfully implemented. â€Å"The lack of success in implementing this widely accepted educational epistemology into the schools can be attributed to what might be called failures of readiness† Elkind (2004). In this quote he states that in order for constructivism to work successfully, three major components must be in place; teacher readiness, curricular readiness and social readiness. One of the few major problems with â€Å"teacher readiness† isRead More A Labor of Love Essay974 Words   |  4 Pagesprofessional objectives be achieved. When exploring educational philosophies, it became very apparent that it is a highly debatable and extremely personal decision. My educational philosophy is an eclectic blending of each of the philosophies, along with my individual principles and vision. Proverbs 29:18 reads, â€Å"Where there is no vision, the people perish.† Within my professional vision, communication is a vital component. It is important to have constant, open and clear communicationRead MoreArchitecture Is A Concept That Was First Defined By Victor Olgyay1672 Words   |  7 PagesThis disconnection can be argued to begin through the formal education and training of architects, as it forms the crucial foundation for most architect’s design philosophies (Maciel, Ford and Lamberts 2007, 3766). The continued use of long-held traditional architectural educational curriculums, non-standardised international educational curriculums and failure to utilise e-learning tools. Sees the archit ect’s foundations hampered, affecting the concept, understanding and application of bioclimaticRead MoreEssentialism is an educational philosophy in which it is important to â€Å"promote and instill cultural600 Words   |  3 PagesEssentialism is an educational philosophy in which it is important to â€Å"promote and instill cultural literacy in all students† (Morrison, 2009, p.338). Teachers only teach the basic skills that they think are necessary for educational and cultural growth. I noticed several things throughout my experience with the school system which leads me to suggest that our school system is based on the philosophy of essentialism. Essentialists believe that a curriculum that develops cultural literacy and basic

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Is Our Society to Dependent of Computers - 1924 Words

Is Our Society too Dependent on Computers? Computers have found their way into just about every aspect of our lives, and in most cases, they make things easier for us. They allow people to work from home, socialize with friends and family, and they provide an ever-welcome stress relief from school or work. Since their invention, people far and wide have become increasingly dependent on computers. Children today are growing up in a world where computers are needed to do everything from controlling vicious heat seeking missiles to saving lives. The computers role in education is growing with increasing investments and technological innovation. The computer is a good thing, but the world must proceed with caution and a critical eye. As†¦show more content†¦Many end up in landfills. These are just examples of issues with household computers. Instead of writing a check, people whip out their debit/ credit cards to pay for things when they are short on cash. What happens when the internet goes down and they are stuck in the checkout line with two hundred dollars worth of groceries, and no way to pay for them because they do not have a blank check? What happens when everyone is driving their fancy, futuristic cars that run on a computer chip and something goes wrong? In a few hundred years, will anyone know how to drive the cars of today? People put their computers through a lot of grief because they dont quite know what theyre doing when they decide to fix a problem or clean up their hard drive, but there are also errors in programming, bugs that need to be fixed long after the product is out on the market, and there are always people trying to ruin a perfectly good thing with nasty computer viruses. Perhaps the most convincing argument, however, is the issue of safety. Aside from the issue of sharing personal information such as full names and addresses, there is also the bigger issue of stolen personal information. As our dependence on computers grows , so does our comfort level with them, people are more likely to save personal information to our computer. While it would be nice to think that it is always perfectly safe to do so, the fact is thatShow MoreRelatedSocietys Addiction to Computers Essay781 Words   |  4 Pagestechnology, computers have developed to be the leader of the world. Increasingly, computers are playing more roles in helping people to remember a friend’s birthday or maintain relationships with others. Therefore, they have contributed positive to the development of relationships and improvement of the general knowledge of the society. Critics however argue that the society is becoming progressively more dependent on computers. In this essay, the arguments for the dependency on computers will be presentedRead MoreEssay about Societys Dependence on Computers919 Words   |  4 PagesComputers are everywhere, and they are used for everything, and in every type of business have we become too dependent on computers? The younger generation particularly has seized on the strange communication through the Internet. Using chat groups on different subjects they are taking in school, they conduct live conversations by keyboard through the internet. Since computers have been invented, so many people everywhere find themselves dependent on computers. Computers are appearing almost aboutRead MoreWe Are Too Dependent On Computer Systems Essay952 Words   |  4 Pages We Are Too Dependent on Computer Systems It is said by Ray Kurzweil that in 15 years, computers will be smarter than the whole human race (Khomami). Is there any shred of truth to that statement and if so is it a problem? As a society, we are very dependent on software systems and computer technologies. We would be rendered almost completely helpless without our laptops, internet, and smart phones. While they generally make our lives easier, we have grown to need software technologiesRead MoreComputer Dependency and Addiction Essays646 Words   |  3 Pages Computers have taken over our lives. Computers are great things, and are very useful in everyday life, but they create distractions, which just makes us stay closer to computer rather than from the computer. In our modern day world, computers have absolute importance all around us, at work, at schools, at malls etc. It is impossible to run away from the devices and we’ve become so attached on it that we can’t do things on our own now. For example, say you were doing some homework and youRead MorePeople Depend Too Much on Computers and Technology Essay692 Words   |  3 PagesDepend Too Much On Computers and Technology Are we too dependent on computers? The answer is yes! In today’s society, people use computers in business, education, and in the entertainment world. Almost everything we do and every aspect of our life is affected by modern technology with computers at the top of the list. People obsess over computers. The computers do everything for us so we don’t have to use our brains anymore. People are losing their jobs due to the computers moving into the workplaceRead MoreThe Risks Associated with Computer Dependency1031 Words   |  5 PagesComputers have found their way into nearly every part of our lives. They are intended to make our lives easier and they usually fulfill that purpose very well. They enable us to work from home, stay connected with loved ones who live too far to visit, and they provide us with a constant source of entertainment whenever and wherever we want. The earliest computers were built fifty years ago and it is only in last thirty or so years that t heir influence has affected our everyday life. In this briefRead MoreVasudhaiva Kutumbakam1628 Words   |  7 Pagesfulfill the very need of the existence. We all in our lives have seen and come across many organizational structures. There are organizations that are commercial and profit making. Their very purpose is economic in nature. Their very objective is profit making. There are organizations that are social organizations. Their very objective is to achieve some kind of social objective by helping people who are not well economically. They all are ultimately dependent on the support of the commercial and politicalRead MoreComputer Memory Hacking Essay835 Words   |  4 PagesComputer  Memory  Hacking                      Computer  Memory  Hacking   Rebecca  M.  Shepherd   CIS  106  Intoduction  to  Information  Technology   Professor  Dima  Salman   Stayer  University  Ã‚   November  23,  2014                                 Computer  Memory  Hacking    Hacking  of  memory  or  hacking  of  RAM  describes  when  a  person  or  person(s)  gains   unauthorized  access  to  the  RAM  (random  access  memory)  of  a  computer  system.  There  a  couple   of  reasons  that  one  might  participate  in  hacking  the  memory  of  a  computer  system.  One  reason  Read MoreHow Computers Changed The Way We Work1059 Words   |  5 PagesThe word ‘computer’ is well-defined as someone or something who calculates. A computer is an overall purpose device that has industrialized a lot over the years. From the ENIAC to the flat screen laptop, it is remarkable to see how computers have advanced. We went from having a computer that occupied a huge room with what we have in the office and at home today – a miniature, efficient version of the first computer. Computer technology continues to progress and will continue to do so for ages toRead MoreComputer Addiction : The Greatest Invention1607 Words   |  7 Pages Computer is the greatest invention, which be applied in many ways fields such as mechanical, electronics, robotics etc. Computers serve to help people and make their life easie r and their activity more productive, but there has appeared a problem of the computer addiction or dependency, especially among the young people. Computers are convenient devices that many of us use daily. They have become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to work from home, stay in contact with friends

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Analysis Of The Poem The Death Of Death - 890 Words

The combination of how the subject matter is conveyed by the narrator, and the emotions which are built through poetic devices contribute to constructing the message the author intended for each poem. Throughout Drummer Hodge, Hardy appears to express the idea that dying in battle is no way to achieve immortality through the memory of others, as every death is unnecessary and soon forgotten to the land. He frequently infers that Hodge is consumed by the landscape, becoming a part of it as he slowly loses everything he was. Hardy reinforces this idea that a soldiers death is meaningless and not at all remembered, by cleverly turning the phrase, ‘being laid to rest,’ which indicates the care and effort put into burring the deceased, into one which demonstrates the meaninglessness of his death. This can be seen in the first line of the poem, â€Å"They throw in Drummer Hodge, to rest,† where he is not laid to rest, but thrown illustrating the fact that the soldie r is totally disregarded and not remembered in any significant way. Brooke however, constructs a romanticized message of remembrance and honour for the soldier. The Soldier seems to convey the message that death in battle is an honourable death, which serves to repay a man’s homeland for all it has given him, an action for which, he will be remembered. He continually refers to the transformation which occurs upon a soldier’s death, entailing the change of the very soil he falls on, to English soil. This implicationShow MoreRelatedLove and Death Poem Analysis2154 Words   |  9 PagesPOETRY – Poems about Love DIRECTIONS: Discuss the attitude/tone of the poem and the theme in your small groups. Afterward, write down your conclusions regarding the tone and theme of poems about a similar subject. |â€Å"The Quiet World† |â€Å"Flirtation† |â€Å"Song: To Celia |â€Å"love is more thicker than forget† |â€Å"Neutral Tones† | | | Read MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Death Of A Soldier 775 Words   |  4 PagesDecember 2014 Analysis: Death of a Solider Louisa May Alcott served as a volunteered nurse during the American Civil War, which took place in the 1860’s. It was a brutal war between the United States and the Confederate states. Alcott documented the last days of a brave solider named John. The almost thirty year old seldom spoke, uttered no complaint, asked no sympathy, but tranquilly observed what went on about him. With the use of several changing literary parts in the essay, Death of a SoldierRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Death Of Marat 1504 Words   |  7 PagesAnalysis of a painting Heather McPherson terms Jacques-Louis David’s ‘Death of Marat’ (see Figure-1) a work of historical fiction; something of a hybrid between portraiture and historical paintings . In the eighteenth century, portraiture was viewed as less prestigious than history paintings, being based on ‘imitation rather than invention’ . We can see that many elements of ‘Death of Marat’, like a historical painting, are ‘invented’, they do not accurately reflect the reality of Jean-Paul Marat’sRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem The Death Of Ivan 1628 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides† (Lao Tzu). Without life, death cannot exist and without death, life cannot exist. The journey that all living things embark on can be seen as a thread, only to reach the final destination, death. It is this journey that we, as human beings make the best of. In order to reach death with a positive mind, people must live a good life. A life of deeper truth with the world around us, personal fulfillment, and joy. In Tolstoy’sRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Death Valley 1165 Words   |  5 PagesDeath Valley Katilyn Patterson It was a hot day in Death Valley. In Death Valley there was Donna, Gina, Jenny. They couldn’t leave Death Valley because their car ran out of gas. So they saw,found a campsite with three trailer’s their and one trailer there was beer, and old can food. Another trailer had old strawberries, and a radio and they touched the radio and strawberries. The last trailer they found a sink and drunk the water first they said â€Å"it was hot water.†Then they say â€Å"it is the worstRead MorePoems with Theme with Life and Death and Their Analysis8446 Words   |  34 PagesEI WAI KHAING AN ANALYSIS OF THEMES ON LIFE AND DEATH OF SOME POEMS Abstract: Some basic elements of poem and types of poem are included in this paper. Although there are countless number of poems on Life and Death, only the ones which seem noteworthy are studied and analysed in terms of themes. Different opinions of different poets on life and death found in their poems are also presented and contrasted in this paper. This paperRead MorePoem Analysis : The Death Of A Loved One 1421 Words   |  6 PagesI chose this poem because I do believe that we will lose everything at some point in time. We will lose our loved ones and eventually ourselves. Yes, we do find ways to cope but we will never get over it. The way she was struggling to admit that she wasn’t over a loved one, was similar to the way I had the struggle to admit that I wasn’t over the death of a loved one. Before, I have never expected it to be so hard until it happened to me. It took me years to let go and finally admit that person wasRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Dog s Death 1245 Words   |  5 Pagesaside its pain and strive for its companions love and approval. Updike in the poem, Dog’s Death, uses the concept of diction, imagery, and symbolism to show readers t he loyalty of a dog throughout its life no matter the circumstance that approaches its daily life. The author draws in readers through the use of diction to convey actions that show the better experience between a family and a loyal companion. The poem opens up using the statement, â€Å"She must have been kicked unseen or brushedRead MorePoem Analysis: John Updikes A Dogs Death767 Words   |  3 PagesJohn Updikes A Dogs Death is a heart-wrenching poem in which a narrator remembers a puppy that he and his family rescued. In the poem, the puppy tragically dies due to unseen injuries that it had. In the poem, Updike illustrates how the puppy fought to live and did not give up despite the many obstacles that she faced. Through the use of imagery, Updike is able to describe the brief moments that the family had with the puppy and demonstrate how quickly circumstances changed for his family andRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Fugue Of Death By Walter Benjamin917 Words   |  4 PagesThe poem, â€Å"Fugue of Death† by Paul Celan, and the essay,† The Storyteller † by Walter Benjamin, in the book, â€Å"Illuminations,† cover very similar topics in each of their works of art. There are a few themes that has been presented throughout the two works, one is how there is no longer room for moral right in the world because of the need to follow political right. This was very evident in the time of the two World Wars. People are torn between doing what is right, and following orders. Another

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Shakespeares Portrayal of Themes of Deception and...

Shakespeares Portrayal of Themes of Deception and Jealousy in Othello The main characters in relation to jealousy in the play are Othello and Desdemona. Desdemona is the object of Othellos jealousy, which is planted in his mind by Iagos deception. This enhances Othellos position in the minds of the audience as the tragic hero, and deeply links these two themes. The very status of being the tragic hero in the minds of the audience enhances our sense of his deception by Iago. His complete trust in Iago makes Iago seem all the more evil and deceitful in our eyes. Othellos trust in him is demonstrated early in the play: Honest Iago, My Desdemona must I leave thee. Act 1 scene 3†¦show more content†¦However, Iagos deception of him causes him to descend into jealousy and complete helplessness of position, and he eventually destroys himself. Through all this, although he becomes suspicious of Iago at one point, he believes him unconditionally after Iago gives him fabricated circumstantial evidence. Iago has the complete trust of Othello, as is demonstrated by Othellos lines, For such things, in a false and disloyal knave =============================================== Are tricks of custom, but in a man thats just Theyre close dilutions, working from the heart, That passion cannot rule. Act 3 scene 3 This actually tells us that if Iago were a deceitful person, Othello would not have believed him. However, since he believes Iago to be completely trustworthy, he does take his word as the truth. Similarly, Iago strengthens his position by telling Othello to beware of jealousy, but succeeds in his real aim of coercing Othellos trust and turning his mind to the possibility of Desdemona being unfaithful. The theme of jealousy in the play is portrayed by Othellos descent therein, eventuallyShow MoreRelatedExamples Of Othello As A Revenge Tragedy1022 Words   |  5 Pagessuch as a noble but respectable hero and a moment of peripeteia. The intertwining of jealousy, deception, murder, suicide and scheming in William Shakespeare’s Othello creates a strong base for a classic revenge tragedy. It is also not only Shakespeare’s adherence to these traditional conventions but rather his ability to manipulate and transform them effectively to captivate crowds of differing classes. Shakespeares apt characterisation, employment of conventions and structuring all collectively contributeRead MoreOthello, By William Shakespeare1599 Words   |  7 Pages William Shakespeare’s 16th century play Othello is a duplicitous and fraudulent tale set alternatingly between Venice in act 1, and the island of Cyprus thereafter. The play follows the scandalous marriage between protagonist Othello, a Christian moore and the general of the army of Venice, and Desdemona, a respected and intelligent woman who also happens to be the daughter of the Venetian Senator Brabantio. Shakespeare undoubtedly positions the marriage to be viewed as heroic and noble, despiteRead MoreLove and Desdemona2800 Words   |  12 Pagesothello was a tradgic play. it shows many different types of feeling inWithout Trust, Love Cannot Prevail Trust can be defined as assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something (Websters 1246). In life many people are faced with the decision on who or who not to trust, especially in the realm of love. Trust is one of the main factors needed to determine a healthy, loving relationship. In William Shakespeares Othello, the main character Othello is unableRead MoreBlind Persistence Essay724 Words   |  3 PagesThe play Othello by William Shakespeare is a portrayal of jealousy and deception. The two characters Cassio and Roderigo play a vital role throughout the play in portraying Shakespeare’s theme of how ignorance, whether it be words of advice from others or just indications, can lead to one’s downfall. Cassio and Roderigo both play an essential role in showing how being persistent—ignoring everything that could be signs of warning—to attain what we want is not always the correct approach. The firstRead MoreEssay on Act One Of Othello2439 Words   |  10 Pages What Is Shakespeare’s Achievement In Act I Of Othello? Shakespeare’s own personal aim was not to write a social and political reflection of his era, as many contemporary readers believe, it was; purely and simply, to entertain his audience. This does not mean that there can be no social and political reflections within Othello, it means that the reflections are there, not for the sake of social and political commentary, but for the sake of entertainment and pleasure. Aristotle explained in â€Å"Poetics†Read MoreCompare the Presentation of the Themes Obsession and Control Found in The Collector, Othello and The Picture of Dorian Gray2681 Words   |  11 PagesCompare the presentation of the themes obsession and control found in The Collector, Othello and The Picture of Dorian Gray Shakespeare employs obsession as a thematic device extensively in Othello with many characters exhibiting complexes which come into direct conflict with the fixations of others, highlighting the self-destructive and all-consuming nature of obsession. This is reinforced by the climax of the play, the deaths of Othello, Desdemona and Emilia and Iago’s subsequent arrest and torture

Computional Fluid Dynamics Through a Pipe Free Essays

Table of Contents INTRODUCTION3 Method:3 Part 23 Part 33 Part 44 Part 54 RESULTS4 Part 14 Part 26 Part 36 Part 46 Part 5:6 DISCUSSION7 CONCLUSION7 REFERENCES7 INTRODUCTION The main objective of this assignment is to simulate a 3-D air flow in a pipe using Ansys CFX. The pipe was simulated under specific conditions. These conditions are air temperature to be 25? C (degrees Celsius), one atmospheric reference pressure, no heat transfer and laminar flow. We will write a custom essay sample on Computional Fluid Dynamics Through a Pipe or any similar topic only for you Order Now The results from the simulation of laminar flow in the pipe were compared with the theoretical ones. Also the mesh was refined in the simulation to see if it is possible to get more accurate results using grid convergence analysis. Method: The pipe used in the simulation has dimensions of a 0. 5m axial length and a radial diameter of 12mm. The air entering the pipe, inlet velocity, is set to 0. 4 m/s at a temperature of 25? C and one atmospheric pressure. No slip condition was set on the pipe walls. The outlet of pipe was set to zero gauge average static pressure. In CFX a mesh was formed on the pipe with a default mesh spacing (element size) of 2mm. Figure (1) and (2) shows the setup of the model before simulation was preformed Figure 1: Mesh without Inflation Figure 1: Mesh without Inflation Figure 2: Mesh with Inflation Part 2 Calculating the pressure drop ? p=fLD? Ub22Equation (1) Calculating Reynolds number Re=UbD/? Equation (2) Friction Factorf=64/ReEquation (3) The results were calculated using excel, and plotted in Figure (3). Part 3 Estimating the entrance pipe length Le: Le/D=0. 06ReEquation (4) Having Re=UbD/? Equation (3) The simulated results of velocity vs. axial length were plotted in Figure (5). From the graph the Le (entrance pipe length) was determined by estimating the point in the x-axis where the curve is straight horizontal line. Part 4 Comparison of the radial distribution of the axial velocity in the fully developed region in the simulated model against the following analytical equation: UUmax = 1-rr02 Equation (5) The results were calculated using excel, and plotted in Figure (4). Part 5 The simulation was performed three times, each time with a different grid setting. The numbers of nodes were 121156,215875 and 312647 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd simulation. RESULTS Part 1 Figure 3: Pressure Distribution vs. Axial Length Figure 3: Pressure Distribution vs. Axial Length Figure 4: Axial Velocity vs. Radial Diameter Figure 5: Velocity vs. Axial Distance Part 2 Having: Dynamic viscosity ? = 1. 835Ãâ€"10-5 kg/ms and Density ? = 1. 184 kg/m3 Reynolds Number Re=UbD? == 261. 58 Friction Factorf=64Re== 0. 244667 ?p=0. 965691 Pa From the simulation the pressure estimated at the inlet is ? p=0. 96562 Pa (0. 95295-0. 965691)/0. 965691*100 = 1. 080 % Part 3 Having Re=UbD? =261. 58 The entrance pipe length Le: Le=0. 06Re*D = 0. 188 m From the graph in Figure (3) the Le is estimated to be ~ 0. 166667 ((0. 166667-0. 188)/0. 188)*100 = 11. 73% Part 4 From the graph in Figure 2 the theoretical velocity at the center of the pipe is estimated to be 0. 8 m/s. From the simulation the velocity at the center of the pipe is estimated to be 0. 660406 m/s. ((0. 688179-0. 8)/0. 8)*100= 13. 98% Part 5: Table 1: Percentage Error for Each Simulation Number of Nodes| Axial Velocity % error (%)| Pressure % error (%) | 120000 Simulated I| 13. 98| 1. 31| 215000 Simulated II| 12. 42| 2. 24| 312000 Simulated III| 12. 38| 2. 28| Figure 6: Percentage Error vs. Number of Nodes Figure 6: Percentage Error vs. Number of Nodes The percentage error for the axial velocity results from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd simulation were calculated and plotted in Figure (6), as well as the pressure result along the pipe. Table (1) shows the axial velocity and pressure percentage error for each simulation. DISCUSSION After the simulation was successfully done on Ansys CFX and the simulated results were compared with theoretical results, it was found that the simulated results have slight deviation from theoretical ones. In PART 2, he pressure in the simulated result differed by the theoretical by a 1. 080%, for 1st simulation. In PART 3, the simulated results for entrance pipe length, Le, differed from the theoretical results by 11. 73%. In PART 4, Figure (4), the simulated velocity curve is less accurate than that of the theoretical. In PART 5, meshing refinements and inflation were done to the simulation in order to getting better results. Figures (6) show with more nodes and inflation the accuracy of the results increases. Increasing the nodes gradually was found to be an advantage where higher or more accurate results were obtained. This is noted in grid convergence graph, Figure (6), as the number of nodes increase the pressure percentage error is converging to 2% while for velocity percentage error is converging to 12%. On the other hand, the percentage error increased with the increase of the number of nodes while the velocity error decreased with the increase of number of nodes. In Part 2 the percentage error for pressure drop is 1. 080%, for 1st simulation. But when trying to increase the accuracy of the simulated velocity result by refining the meshing and adding nodes the pressure drop percentage error increases, as shown in figure (6). This is due to that Darcy-Weisbach equation, equation (1), assumes constant developed flow all along the pipe where in the simulated results the flow is observed to become developed father down the pipe from the inlet. This is assumed to change the pressure distribution along the pipe. CONCLUSION More nodes used in meshing will produce more accurate and precise results, as shown in Figure (6). Also the meshing plays a vital rule on the sensitivity of results in terms of the accuracy of these results. REFERENCES [1]Fluid Mechanics Frank M. White Sixth edition. 2006 How to cite Computional Fluid Dynamics Through a Pipe, Essay examples

Change and Processes Implementation free essay sample

IntroductionOn reflecting upon my entire career life, in have spent it in a slow moving and static industry. Sometimes, the industry is marked by legacy processes that relates to business and systems. Since validity and accuracy is significant and so crucial to not only customers but also other end users, implementing new processes or any change can be very hectic and to some extent, it may not happen as quickly enough to keep pace in the market . Regardless of how minor the change or process is, the industry is extremely jeopardy averse. Furthermore, some companies have employees with great contracts of permanency, with their current employers being the only one of their mature employed lives.As a leader, I have frequently heard stereotyped expressions of which they are like someone running their fingernails down a whiteboard. These clichà ©s include â€Å"we do this way because it has always been done this way† and â€Å"if it is not broke, do not fix it. We will write a custom essay sample on Change and Processes Implementation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page † It is true at various stages of my carrier I have been constantly braved and will continue to brave that organization as to me clichà ©s are nothing but fear for change and the unknown. If employers and employees could do some brainstorming and planning properly, change can be significant and will be for the better, however, everyone has to be an agent of change, an active participant, and give in to diverse consequences. I will not be silent, I have called and I will always continue to call for risk taking as simply a reward for transactions in any industry. Change is inevitable.Leadership CapabilitiesLeadership styles are of different range and can be adopted differently in an organization to achieve the set objectives and goals. Each of these styles are suited for a given situation and has disadvantages that prevents them from being the best style of leading all situation. These differing styles can be identified especially in large organizations with long chains of commands.

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Managing Customer and Organizational Complexity †

Question: Discuss about the Managing Customer and Organizational Complexity. Answer: Introduction The report discusses about the causes of conflict in the hospitality sector. The report is divided into three parts, Assessment 1, 2 amd 3. Assesment 1 in the report describes dealing with a conflict situation with focus on the reasons and causes responsible for causing the conflict. In this part the report also describes for avoiding conflict and also find ways for turning them into opportunity. The second part of the report which is Assessment 2 deals with customer service role play with focus on effective communication and response to diversity. There is also a third part of the report that gives solutions in resolving a conflict situation in a restaurant. Conflict is very much a part of normal life and there exist varied number of issues that can lead to rise in conflict within organizations. Conflicts occur between committee members, ordinary members, volunteers, clients and employees (Van Evera 2013). This can be of a highly destructive nature if not resolved within time. The hospitality industry can however take necessary steps for minimizing the potential situations that gives rise to conflict or can resolve it in a constructive manner. Common Reasons for Conflict There are five common reasons mentioned below that might lead to conflict in the hospitality sector: Conflict can arise due to misunderstandings about the objectives, aims and nature of a job and also difference in expectations of how things need to be executed. Conflict also arises through misunderstandings in different responsibilities of employees and management. Also it might be due to priorities, needs, beliefs and values. Conflict might arise due to poor communication between employees and management or between staff and clients. Conflict arises due to lack of planning. This happens when the hospitality sector have just overcome one crisis and is about to face the next one. Conflict may arise due to bad staff selection. Thus, the hospitality sector can land up in a situation of conflict when some inappropriate staffs make an entry into the industry. Conflict in the sector may also arise due to burnout, stress and frustration. Ways of Avoiding Conflict? The arisen Conflict can be avoided by adopting the following measures (Anderson and Wallace 2013): To avoid a conflict the industry must first acknowledge the concern of its employees and management. Through calmly discussing the concern that each other holds The employees and the management should also be given a chance to speak While dealing with a conflict the hospitality sector must try to deal with the situation with respect The person appointed for dealing with the conflict must work with his/her body language. How to Turn Conflict into Opportunity? There are however eight ways for turning conflict into an opportunity. These are as follows (Savel and Munro 2013): Conflict can be turned into opportunities when it involves a group. This is because a team can try and often sort out problems by working as a group. The communication can receive a positive vibe through conflict. Through resolving conflict and undertaking measures communication gets better and improved. Conflict can pose an alert on morale issues and make one alert low morale can be a reason for conflict. Conflict also moves people out of their comfort zone and make them realize their hidden capabilities. Conflict also helps in improving productivity Conflict also leads to sound ground for negotiations. Conflict also brings in opportunities for growth. Conflict can also lead to improvement in meetings because then everyone present in the meeting provides a perspective for resolving the issues Procedures Adopted by Hospitality Industry in Dealing with Complaints To deal with customer complaints the hospitality industry has adopted the following procedures (Chen, Shie and Yu 2012): Listening to the customers without interrupting them By empathizing this will make the customers realize that their complaints are heard by the authorities. By asking for an apology even for situations that they are not in control off. Through improvising necessary actions Conflict can get ignited from tiniest of action or word and can thereby result in destructiven behavior and responses as is mentioned in the above situations. The concern should be specified and one must ensure avoiding attacking the the other person with accusations. However,with strong nonverbal and verbal communication that refers to making of eye contact, usage of physical actions that are non threatening, verbal expression the manager can effectively deal with the first situation. However, the second situation seems a bit complicated as the guests refuse to listen and creates a situation of disturbance.Thus, the managers must undertakeeffective communication in resolving conflict in a successful manner by addressing the single issue with patience. However, the major challenge faced in initiating effective communication is prevention of escalation of conflict which might result in communication that is broken, negative commitments and false assumptions. Therefore rather than reducing the conflict things might get aggravated. The most notable benefit for making use of effective communication in resolving conflict refers to reduced anxiety and maintainence of an ambience where everyone seems happy and at peace. Recommendations Fosusing on the relationship with the person responsible for the conflict will enable one to deal with it in a constrctive manner. Finding ways to resolve the conflict in the best possible manner by trying to understand the situation from the perspective of the person responsible for the conflict. This must also be rememnered that successful solution to a conflict is a result of flexibility, maturity and empathy. Responding To Diversity One must therefore remember that treatent of others should be done in a manner in which he or she wants to be treated (Schmitz and Ganesan 2014). There are however some common principles that will ensure responding to diversity and dealing with customer diversity in both the situations All business have a culture and hence respecting diversity must be considered as one of the prime values in guiding the team It is very necessrary for sprending time whenever possibe for learning about the whereabouts of the customers and thus developing a knowledge on values, beliefs and world views. In this case a better practice would be paying attention to the communication traits of the customers and thereby mirroring them for increasing the effectivity of interaction. Diverse work environment can be created by hiring employees who are bilingual thereby ensuring they speak more than a single languge. These employees will not only help in creating unique customer experience but wil also be able to deliver unique insights about varied cultures. The experieces gathered while interacting with a customer from a different culture must be conveyed to the colleagues. Dealing with Customer Conflict This is a rule of every business where manger needs to deal with angry or unhappy clients from time to time (Komunda, M. and Osarenkhoe, A., 2012). However, in effectively dealing with the conflict with the customer the following steps: Adjusting the mindset which will help the managers in dealing with unhappy clients quite effectively By actively listening actively to the viewpoints of the clients will help the managers understand the grievances and deal with it accordingly. Repetition of concerns will enable the managers in addressing the right issue By apologizing and being empathetic will help the customers understand how better the managers understand their situations. By incorporating a proper solution that will be able to make the clients happy By taking action and following up will enable the clients to understand that you have taken up steps in resolving the issue of the client Making use of feedback that helps in reducing the chances of reoccurrence of the situation The fighting of the restaurant employees over the new implemented roster can result in an awkward situation for the customers and make the restaurant potray a scenario that is completely unprofessional. However, as a part of the management team if I try to break the arguments in public then it can worsen the scenario(Fleming, Lamont and Welburn 2012). Thus, to handle such situations it is very important for developing a verbal cue where the employees are asked to meet in private as a team. I believe this can help my management team avoid embarrasing situations and also shield the image of the restaurant. As a part of the management team it is my utmost duty to determine the existing conflict amongst the employees and suggest them a solution that would resolve their problem instantly. Thus, through proper communication enough time should be given to the employees in cooling down. However, the solution achieved must be a balanced one. Moreover, I must make the employees realize the impact their behvaiour might have on the customers. To resolve the conflict I must deal with both sections of the employees in an equal manner(Riskin 2013). This is because resolving the issue through one to one conversation might result in ensuring an unfair advantage to a storyteller who is more persuasive. I can even adopt ways where I can divide the employees in quieting the conflict. After which I can address a separate meeting with each of the employee in presence of another manager. This will not only allow the employees to place their viewpoints but the presence of two managers will also enable a proper understanding of the situation. Further, I should not be judgemental about the conflicting employees but try to be impartial and provide interactive solutions that might stop the conflict(Deyoe and Fox 2012). Thus, I should try to mimimize as much negative energy as possible. However, ongoing conflicts if not addessed can result in needless turnover thereby resulting in distracting employees from ensuring proper customer service. Though the comflict cannot be totally avoided but I still must try in fostering a culture that will put across a message of conflict intolerance. Further, identification of the root causes of conflict is necessary for making the job space less stressful for the employees. Therefore looking for areas that serves as a common groud for bringing the employees together must be emsured. Thus, to spread harmony as a part of the management team I must ensure rewards for team behaviour. In addition to this, it must be enusured that plans for compensation not only recognizses individual performance but also overall customer satisfaction. Moreover, the maanagement team should also make it a point of celebrating the big restaurant revenue day with the employees. At the same time it must also be remembered that sometimes conflict can be resolved with a no response from the management when the employees disagee on a particular situation. In such cases, attention muts be paid to the employees suggestions in providing a solution to the conflict. Sometimes, some of the valuable employees might have some important suggestions which must be listened(Petree, Broome and Bennett 2012). In addition to this, praising the strengths of the employees is also necessary from time to time. Also I will try to distribute the hours of work evenly and try to keep the staff focused and busy. Conclusion The report ends with providing a solution for a avoiding a confict situation in a hospitality sector like restaurant. There is discussion about customer service role play with focus on effective communication and response to diversity mentioned in the report. The report also dicusses and gives an overview of the reasons and causes of conflict, ways of avoiding a conflict and means of turning a conflict situation into an opportunity. References: Anderson, M.B. and Wallace, M., 2013. Opting out of war: strategies to prevent violent conflict.Europe,5, p.1. Chen, C.K., Shie, A.J. and Yu, C.H., 2012. A customer-oriented organisational diagnostic model based on data mining of customer-complaint databases.Expert Systems with Applications,39(1), pp.786-792. Deyoe, R.H. and Fox, T.L., 2012. Identifying strategies to minimize workplace conflict due to generational differences.Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business,5, p.1. Fleming, C.M., Lamont, M. and Welburn, J.S., 2012. 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